Monday, October 17, 2005

God's Goodness, Research, and the Power of Prayer

We continue to stand in awe and amazement of God's goodness! So far, the total raised from the "One Step Closer" Walk for Leukodystrophy held in Paris, Tennessee, on October 1, is $48,000! This will fund a research project in a big way.

It is so important that the money for research keep coming in. We are in a fight for peoples' lives, and the only way we can win this fight - short of a miracle - is for research to be funded. If we have a breakthrough in MLD, that could open the doors for breakthroughs in other leukodystrophies, such as ALD, PMD, and Krabbe; which would help all of our friends who have MLD - Tucker, Max, Maddie, Sam, Anthony, Matthew, Laura Grace, Lucas, John, Christopher, Jack, Emma, Olivia, Athena, Emily, Maddigan, Cory, Patrick, Justin, Kaitlyn, Sam, Katelyn, and Kendal....the list goes on and on....Our ALD friends - Lorenzo, Lane, and Zach. Families affected by PMD, among whom is our friend, Jansen; and families affected by Krabbe, such as the Gwin family, with their beautiful baby, Ashleigh.

We are currently working on a project to be piloted at UMass, under the direction of Dr. Ed Ginns. Dr. Ginns' research has consisted of other lysosomal storage disorders such as Gaucher's, with success. Please keep this pilot project in your prayers. And since we've mentioned some names above, please mention these - and all the leukodystrophy families - in your prayers, as well.

Someone else who is in need of prayer is our Leukodystrophies Prayer Warrior, Carolyn Wyman. She continually prays for our loved it is time for us to lift her up. The cancer is back; however, God is greater -- He has delivered Carolyn from this so many times, and as long as we will pray, I'm confident He will deliver her again!

May this new week bring you new hopes and new expectations! God Bless!


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