Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"One Step Closer to Cure" Wristbands

Hello all!
If you haven't gotten your blue "One Step Closer to a Cure" wristband yet, please order yours today! The wristbands are $5 each, plus $1 shipping per band. Send your request for bracelets to:

The Stennis Foundation
PO Box 30065
Amarillo, TX 79120

I'm proud to report that navy ribbons have been trademarked for Leukodystrophies awareness! You know -- pink ribbons are for breast cancer; red ribbons are for AIDS....and now navy ribbons are for Leukodystrophies!

For more info on serious Leukodystrophy-Butt-Kicking, go to Please also go to the links page, where you can visit Dr. Sam's new caringbridge site. Don't forget to sign the guestbooks! We have a "Comments" section on The Stennis Foundation's's down at the bottom of the main page. You don't have to log in or be a member to sign it. Thanks to those of you who do sign in. It's great to know you're there!

I encourage you to sign up for a blogger account! You can respond to current posts, you can even have your own blog. It's awesome.

Take care!